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Is Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. Stock a Good Investment?

Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. is a company that invests in the cannabis industry. They are not just investors, but they also have their cannabis dispensary and grow facility called Planet 13 Supply Co. Their business will be one of the most extensive capacity plants in North America upon completion. The company has been making significant progress since its inception. With legalization for recreational use on the horizon, this could be an excellent opportunity to invest before everyone else catches on. The cannabis industry has seen a great deal of growth in the past few years and is showing no signs of slowing down.

What is Planet 13 Holdings, Inc.’s mission?

Planet 13 is currently building their Planet 13 campus located on 15 acres just outside Las Vegas. In addition, they are constructing a 45,000 square foot production facility and processing center and developing retail spaces for lease at Planet 13’s flagship location.

Planet 13 recently announced that its project is funded through equity investments from strategic partners. Investors included casino operator Wynn Resorts Ltd., businessman Ross Perot Jr., former Major League Baseball pitcher Tom Glavine, Chicago multi-billionaire investor Sam Zell, and Planet 13’s largest shareholder Planet 13 Holdings.

Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. (PLNT) seeks to address significant market opportunities in U.S. regulated states where medical and adult-use marijuana is legal. They will be providing capital investments and expertise to local entrepreneurs seeking to enter or expand their business operations seed-to-sale process under state law. Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. completed the acquisition of a property in California with plans to build an ultra-modern grow facility and Planet13 Supply Co., one of the most extensive capacity facilities in North America, when it’s complete.

How much can I purchase from this company, and how much will each share cost?

Planet 13 Holdings, Inc. stock is traded on the OTC markets (OTCMKTS PLNHF) under the symbol PLN13 and can be purchased online through a brokerage account like T.D. Ameritrade or E-Trade. Planet 13 has been in business since 2014 when it opened as Planet 13 Superstore. They have grown to sell recreational and medicinal cannabis products, vape pens, edibles, lotions, and more. Planet 13 stock on the Canadian Securities Exchange is under PN132.

This company offers an investment opportunity that could prove profitable if you believe that marijuana will become legalized nationwide (and thus popular). Whether this turns out to be true remains to be seen: there are still plenty of obstacles standing between Planet 13’s goal—and the big bucks—like ballot initiatives and a potential split between federal and state law.

Why should I invest in Planet 13 Holdings, Inc.?

In the months since launching its adult-use cannabis sales in Las Vegas on July 31st of this year, Planet 13 has seen a steady increase in foot traffic with an average increase to retail revenue per customer across all patient counts by over 20%. Still, they want Planet 13 to be known as the first cannabis-friendly destination in Las Vegas. So Planet 13 is planning on opening up hotels, concert venues, restaurants, and nightclubs with cannabis incorporated into each aspect of these businesses. Planet 13 also looks at it from a global perspective by investing in Canadian weed stocks so Planet 13 can participate in that growth too.

Many risks are associated with Planet 13 Holdings, Inc.’s stock price and investment in Planet 13 holdings. Planet 13 is a cannabis company founded by Bruce Perlowin that has been around for more than 20 years. The company’s stocks have fluctuated dramatically over the past year, making it difficult to predict whether or not they will continue to do well as time goes on.

Many investments come with fees and expenses when purchasing, holding, or selling. One risk investors take when investing in Planet 13 Holdings stock is not knowing what could happen if the government decides to get tough on marijuana laws again. Can you imagine? If this occurs, companies like Planet 13 will lose their primary source of income because of legal restrictions prohibiting them from selling products outside of California.

The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding and, if you’re looking for a way to invest in the burgeoning sector but don’t know where (or how) to start, Planet 13 Holdings might be just what you need. Not only do they have plans for one of North America’s most extensive capacity facilities, but they also offer services that include everything from growing and distribution to dispensary management. So if this sounds like something up your alley or an investment opportunity with high potential returns, get in touch with them today!

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